5 days of Slovenia = 3 days of competition & 2 days of training

5th - 9th August 2015

Cerkno Cup 2015, 5th - 9th August

3.9.2014, Klemen

After year 2000 Cerkno Cup will be again organised every year. Our idea is to make this competition an all-Slovenian competition whose revenues will support development of orienteering - especially working with youth and juniors - in Slovenia. Next year the lead will be taken by another big club - OK Komenda (also OK Trzin and Kamniški OK will join us).

Provisional programme:

  • 5th and 6th August - trainings (classical Cerkno Cup karst terrain)
  • 7th August - STAGE 1 - Jablje (karst terrain, to be confirmed) - extended middle
  • 8th August - STAGE 2 - Vranja peč (karst plateau above Kamnik) - middle
  • 9th August - STAGE 3 - Komenda (continental terrain) - long



21.7.2014, Klemen

siblue_521We successfully tested "our own" system for on-line controls in Cerkno Cup. We had one to two controls in the forest at each stage and could follow the competition on-line. Please visit siBlue for more information and expect the system to be used much more in the following editions of Cerkno Cup.

Also - yesterday the head of the start - Peter Tušar (maybe you noticed that today ...) - left for JWOC to Bulgaria. His goal is to reach 1./3 at one of the competitions. We wish him good luck!

Overall results

Day 3: results | SplitsBrowser | M21E | W21E | photos
Day 2: results | SplitsBrowser | M21E | W21E | photos | WRE points
Day 2 - sprint: results | SplitsBrowser | M21 | W21 | photos
Day 1: results | SplitsBrowser | M21E | W21E | photos
TempO: results
Official training: results* | SplitsBrowser | map (A)**
Training 3: map (ELITE)
Training 2: map (ELITE)
Training 1: map (ELITE)

* For WinSplits-like analysis please click on [vmesni časi] in the results list!
** All the maps are published in our FB page. Please like it. :) All the maps were saved from OCAD in JPG at 200dpi.

Updated start lists & final bulletin

16.7.2014, Klemen

Updated start list by category. Please report missing SI cards and or any other problems to our time-keeping guy. Starts for OPEN/BEG/KIDS categories are free.

Final bulletin has been published.

[update] There is a mistake in the bulletin - contact number for Igor is 00386 41 468 129, you may also contact Klemen 00386 31 420 481.  

[invitation] There will be a futsal tournament organised at the finish area of Stage 1 after the race. Local organisers invite you to join them.

During the trainings from Tuesday to Thursday event centre will be situated at the location of trainings. Opening hours are: Tuesday (14:00 – 15:00), Wednesday (9:00 – 10:00; 17:00 – 18:00), Thursday (15:00 – 16:00). During the competition days event centre will be at the finish arena: Friday (12:00 – 15:00), Saturday (9:00 – 12:00 and 17:00 – 19:00), Sunday (8:30 – 11:00).

Here are the final lengths of the courses.

On-line entries are closed. There are still some vacant places in the start list. You can still enter via e-mail.

Late entries, sprint & TempO

1.7.2014, Klemen


Third deadline for entries has been extended until 7th July. 

TempO entries should be sent to Igor. A short TempO course (only one category) will be available on the DAY 1. 

Entries for promotional sprint race in Idrija (on Saturday evening) are available here.

We kindly ask you to apply for both races as soon as possible (entries are open until the 16. 7.), but it will also be possible to enter the race on the spot.

Bulletin 2 available

11.6.2014, Klemen

Not much has been publishd since the last year, but a lot has been going on. All the information is available in the Bulletin 2 (available for download below). We have around 350 entries at this moment, which pleases us a lot. The maps are being finalized at this moment by Martin Lejsek (map of Rupe; stage 1) and Daniel Lebar (map of Lome; stage 2 (WRE) & stage 3).

Be aware that due to ice storms in February the stages were moved or shifted - the terrain however, remains as attractive as possible (just check the map samples in the bulletin)!

Bulletin 2 contains: Event Programme, WRE info & training opportunities, short description of the region and overview maps, definitions of embargoed areas, recent samples of the used maps, complete old map of Lome (stages 2 and 3), estimated course lengths and wining times and some other info!


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