6 days of Slovenia = 3 days of competition & 3 days of training with Slovenian Junior Team

July 15th - 20th, 2014

6 days of orienteering in Slovenia

21.6.2013, Klemen

Evening view from Crna Prst to Triglav. Bohinj is in between.

Provisional programme for Cerkno Cup 2014 is here! We are inviting you for a tour around Slovenia. We shall start by the beautiful alpine Bohinj lake in the heart of Triglav national park and finish at a subalpine plateau above Idrija in a technical demanding race!

slovenian_team_2013_630First medal for Slovenia in World School Orienteering Championships and 2 times 4th place. Monika Ravnikar, Peter Tusar and Manca Cvek. Any profit from Cerkno Cup will be spent for youth/junior team. Support them!

Training with Slovenian Junior Team - 3 days

  • Training Day 1 - Bohinj lake
    Bohinj map was created for summer training camps of national orienteering team. It offers very fast alpine forrest with many boulders and streams. Finish the day by swimming in the lake or visiting beautiful Julian Alps with the view towards Triglav.
  • Training Day 2 - Komenda (2 trainings)
    Komenda offers nice continental terrains. However we shall also try to give you the first taste of slovenian kast here! Continue your Slovenian tour with a walk through Ljubljana city centre, which is so calm and yet vivid in July. Great mixture of Central European and Mediteranean features.
  • Training Day 3 - official training - Godovic
    Map that is still tricky for the most experienced of orienteers! Nice old forrest with the best slovenian karst can offer! Dip into small lake (bajer) in Godovič or maybe get some more refreshment at Bela river towards your way to Idrija.

Trainings will use SI for time taking, free start times. You will have an opportunity to choose between training courses (altered map) and normal courses with 3 different lengths.

stanfel_2012_630Matjaz Stanfel (CRO) at the first stage of Cerkno Cup 2012 in Godovic.

Cerkno Cup - main competition - 3 days
12 years after we rediscovered and mapped Vojsko plateau we are now for the first time using this map for a larger competition. Some believe this is the best orienteering terrain in Slovenia and did not understand, why we did not use it up until now!

  • DAY 1 (World Ranking Event candidate) - middle distance
    ISOM 1:10 000 (or 1:7 500), E = 5m, redrawn and enlarged 2014
    First taste of Vojsko; mixture of alpine forrest and karst!
  • DAY 2 - long distance
    ISOM 1:10 000 (or 1:7 500), E = 5m, redrawn and enlarged 2014
    Another chance to get back to the terrain! Can you master it on your second day?
  • DAY 3 (Slovenian Ranking Event candidate) - short long distance
    ISOM 1:7 500, E = 5m, updated and enlarged in 2013
    Rupe is yet another map that could be proclaimed as legendary! This is karst at it's finest!

After 6 days of Cerkno Cup you can easily proceed with 6 days of Croatia Open, starting in 2 days near Delnice, Croatia! Plan 12 days of demanding orienteering and visit Slovenia and Croatia, from Triglav mountain to the Adriatic sea!

For 2013 we can warmly suggest you visit our partner competition in Croatia, Delnice. You can trust us, we have been there and enjoyed a great deal although we weren't able to master the difficult terrains. :)


20.8.2012, Klemen



19.8.2012, Klemen

Overall results

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18.8.2012, Klemen

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17.8.2012, Klemen

Hi! First day is behind us ... Real shock for some competitors, which took 5 hours to come through the course. We waited and therefore results are here a bit late ... Anyway, we also put up controls for DAY 2 ... And ... It IS love at a first, second and third sight. I can't remember running such a beautiful forrest ever. I hope it will be the same fore you.

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