August 22nd-26th 2018

Aug 22nd - Lome / Črni Vrh nad Idrijo - 14:00 - 18:00



Aug 22nd - Cerkno Cup - stage 1 - First start: 11:00

Live Results: all categories

GPS tracking: M21E | W21E (available from 11:00)

Runners with GPS (you can pick your devices before the start procedure):

  1. Tim Robertson
  2. Matt Ogden
  3. Rafael Dobnik
  4. Stefan Kubelka
  5. Jonathan Crickmore
  6. Jannis Bonek
  7. Blaž Petrovič
  8. Sergiu Fala
  9. Mathias Peter
  10. Lachezar Iliev
  11. Calum McLeond
  12. Vera Mullerova
  13. Tessa Ramsden
  14. Martina Jircakova
  15. Alicia Friberg
  16. Laura Robertson
  17. Zlata Malysheva
  18. Lisbeth van de Velde
  19. Greta Knarston
  20. Imogene Scott

Aug 23rd - Lome / Črni Vrh nad Idrijo

First start: 10:00
Start list: SEEOC | SEEMOC (refresh if the old one is shown to you)
SEEOC Team Entry Form (submit until 22. 8. until 16:00 to
TLM slides

Live results: all categories
GPS tracking: W21E | M21E (published at 11:00)

All results

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Team results: SEEOC | SEEMOC


Video: Gabor Szuhan

Photos: Bojan Tavčar

Aug 24th - Ski Center Cerkno

First start: 10:00
Final start lists (new) SEEOC | SEEMOC
SEEOC Team Entry Form (submit until 23. 8. until 17:30 to
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Live results: all categories

GPS tracking: M21E | W21E  (published at 11:00)

All results (new)

Results SEEOC

Results SEEMOC

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Team results: SEEOC | SEEMOC

Video: Gabor Szuhan

Photos: Bojan Tavčar




501 Jan Dovč
502 Hribar Andraž
503 Atanasov Apostol
504 Stefan Bilić
505 Ćorič Željko
506 Anatolii Fomicov
507 Dimitar Zhelyazkov
508 Roman Ciobanu
509 Teodor Yordanov
510 Matija Razum
511 Vasilii Fomiciov
512 Ivan Fomiciov
513 Ivan Sirakov
514 Blaž Petrovič
515 Žan Luka Šumečki
516 Rafael Dobnik
517 Andrei Golovei
518 Toby Scott
519 Matt Ogden
520 Gene Beveridge
521 Jonatan Crickmore
522 Tim Robertson

523 Iulia Naghibina
524 Mojca Flerin
525 Meri Chkripeska
526 Anastasia Isacova
527 Nuša Jeram
528 Dragana Dokmanović
529 Antoaneta Dyaksova
530 Liliana Gotseva
531 Galina Ribediuc
532 Andra Anghel
533 Kristina Ivanova
534 Iliana Ilieva
535 Yana Bogya
536 Zlata Malysheva
537 Tessa Ramsden
538 Alicia Friberg
539 Imogene Scott
540 Laura Robertson

Aug 25th - Cerkno

Quarantine has been cancelled for masters (SEEMOC only)! It will only be mandatory for M/W21E and all SEEOC teams.

First start: 16:30
Final start lists: SEEOC | SEEMOC
SEEOC Team Entry Form (submit until 24. 8. until 16:00 to
TLM slides

Live TV feed ( must see!!! ) starts at 16:15

Live results: M21E | W21E | other categories

GPS tracking: M21E | W21E

Overall results

Results SEEOC

Results SEEMOC

Results PreO



Team results: SEEOC | SEEMOC

Photos: Bojan Tavčar



Jan Dovč
Peter Tušar
Stefan Bilič
Sergiu Fala
Apostol Atanasov
Matija Razum
Anatolii Fomiciov
Ivan Fomiciov
Vasilii Fomiciov
Teodor Yordanov
Dimitar Zhelyazkov
Roman Ciobanu
Ivan Sirakov
Blaž Petrovič
Rafael Dobnik
Andrei Golovei
Gene Beveridge
Matt Ogden
Kin Kwan Kwok
Toby Scott
Ivaylo Kamenarov
Jonathan Crickmore
Tim Robertson

Mojca Flerin
Sladana Perac
Annamaria Raduly
Nuša Jeram
Dragana Dokmanović
Andra Anghel
Galina Ribediuc
Antoaneta Dyaksova
Kristina Ivanova
Liliana Gotseva
Iliana Ilieva
Tessa Ramsden
Imogene Scott
Alicia Friberg
Zlata Malysheva
Vera Mullerova
Laura Robertson

Aug 26th - Lome / Črni Vrh nad Idrijo

First start: 10:00
Start list
SEEOC Team Entry Form (submit until 25. 8. until 15:00 to
SEEMOC Team Entry Form (submit until 25. 8. until 15:00 to
TLM slides

GPS tracking: M21 | W21

Results SEEOC

Results SEEMOC


Photos: Bojan Tavčar

Start list for all stages: by class (updated daily)| by club

Live: GPS tracking and live results can be seen from MIDDLE (Stage 2), LONG (Stage 3), SPRINT (Stage 4)


Overall results (updated daily)

Stage 1 | Stage 2 | Stage 3 | Stage 4 | Stage 5


Stage 1 | Stage 2 | Stage 3 | Stage 4 | Stage 5


Stage 1 | Stage 2 | Stage 3 | Stage 4 | Stage 5


Stage 1 | Stage 2 | Stage 3 | Stage 4 | Stage 5

Cerkno Cup 2019 is over

Cerkno Cup 2019 is over

Cerkno Cup 2019 has finished! It has been a pleasant experience for the organising team to host you near [...]

Wed, August 14, 2019
Results & WinSplits & Photos - FINAL

Results & WinSplits & Photos - FINAL

Results from Stage 3 are available on Slovenian orienteering federation pages and on Orienteeringonline.n[...]

Sun, August 11, 2019
Summer weather

Summer weather

Just 1 day left to Cerkno Cup 2019. Weather forecast for next days is sunny with high temperatures. Pleas[...]

Thu, August 08, 2019
Start times

Start times

We have published start times here. Please note that OPEN LONG, OPEN SHORT and BEGINNER classes do not have s[...]

Thu, August 08, 2019

Why should you come?

  • Great maps and terrain

    Since early 90s' Cerkno Cup has offered great terrains and good maps. We've expanded to the most demanding areas in Slovenia ...

  • Challenging courses

    Cerkno Cup in last years offered a bit conservative courses, this year we promise you to take full advantage of our terrains ...

  • Rich side programme

    Would you enjoy brass band from Cerkno (balkan style), maybe some quiet Trail Orienteering, swimming pool or sauna or just retreat to the mountains?

  • Additional trainings

    A couple of demanding training sessions will be available in the nearby maps before the Cerkno Cup.

  • Reasonable entry fees

    Even if you miss the early dates for your entry, you will still not go bankrupt. Ask about discount for bigger groups.

  • Versatile accommodation

    Stay in a top mountain resort hotel, hostel, private apartments or in a camp site or use the hard floor! What suits you best?

  • Exploration of Slovenia

    Event centre is in the middle of the mountains. Nice peaks are within reach! In 30 minutes you can reach Bohinj, coast or Ljubljana in 1h.

  • To help our youth

    We're all volunteers! Our mission is to develop orienteering in Slovenia and primarily to ensure quality training and finance for our youth.


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I can't really say, who grew up with whom. Slovenian Orienteering with Cerkno Cup or vice versa. I only know I would not have grown up in one without the other. Andraž Hribar, Slovenia