Welcome to Cerkno Cup 2016

2+3 days of Slovenian karst - July 20th - 24th

Cerkno Cup is being organized since 1991!

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Results are published here.
Splitsbrowser is accessible here.
Maps can be downloaded at our Facebook profile.
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Results are published here.
Splitsbrowser is available here.
Maps can be downloaded at our Facebook profile.
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Photogallery is published here.

Results are published here.
Splitsbrowser is available here.
Maps can be donwloaded at our Facebook profile.
Photogallery is published here.

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Any updates about the entries should be send to info office staff.
Any questions regarding accommodation should be sent to Rok.

Due to extremely low number of entries, N.C. in TempO, scheduled for July 23rd is postopned for autumn. More info will be published at Slovenian orienteering federation pages.

Here are preliminary course lengths for Cerkno Cup 2016. You think, they are too short? :) We'll see after the races.

M45/M50, M55/M60 courses are the same. Competitors can choose age appropriate category and still get ranking for the Slovenian league.

Cerkno, February 20th. Due to refugee crisis we are a little bit late with the final info on Cerkno Cup 2016. Military barracks in Logatec, that were to be used as a great competition centre for 2016 will be reserved in case of need for the migrant crisis. We have decided not to use that competition center and have changed the details about the competition. Do not worry! :) Still 2 trainings, 3 stages and Trail-O competition are waiting for you on our special terrains! Welcome!



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Stage 1 - middle distance

Date: 22. 7. 2016
First start: 14:00
Map: Kalce, ISOM, 1:10 000, E = 5m, July 2016
Course planner: Igor Bončina, Matjaž Štanfel
Mapper: Matjaž Štanfel


Fairly fast terrain for this type of Karst. First stage should offer gentle introduction to demanding Slovenian terains.

Stage 2 - long distance

Date: 23. 7. 2016
First start: 10:00
Map: Lome, ISOM, 1:10 000, E = 5m, July 2016
Course planner: Klemen Kenda
Mapper: Daniel Lebar


Most of the long distance race will be held on a renewed part of the map from 1997, which has not been used for orienteering for a long time. Terrain is very detailed, very demanding. You can expect Cerkno Cup to be decided at this stage.

Stage 3 - middle distance

Date: 24. 7. 2016
First start: 10:00
Map: Lome, ISOM, 1:7 500 or 1:10 000, E = 5m, July 2016
Course planner: Klemen Kenda
Mapper: Daniel Lebar


Mixture of detailed karst, where good map reading is crucial, and longer legs with a more continental character. Make no mistakes or you can ruin your final results here!

Training 1 - long

Date: 20. 7. 2016
Open from: 16:00 - 19:00
Map: Predgriže 2, ISOM, 1:10 000, E = 5m, 2013
Course planner: Peter Tušar
Mapper: Mile Stevanovic and others


In the middle of hard core karst, there is a patch of a lovely continental terrain. One of the first, that were mapped in Slovenia. Generations of orienteers grew up here! Not really relevant for Cerkno Cup performance, but definitely a joyful course!

Official training - middle

Date: 21. 7. 2016
Open from: 16:00 - 19:00
Map: Predgriže 2, ISOM, 1:7 500, E = 5m, 2010 (fast revision 2016)
Course planner: Gregor Hvala
Mapper: Cesare Tarabocchia and others, Gregor Hvala


Karst part of one of the famous maps in Slovenia. Legendary terrain, which amazed many well known runners. Most recently David Andresson, before him Chris Terkelsen, Emil Wingstedt and Jarkko Houvila. Although forest has been under a lot of stress due to forestry work and sleet disaster from a couple of years ago, the experience is still great!

Trail-O - National Championship

Date: 23. 7. 2016
First start: 12:00
Map: Lome, ISOM, 1:5 000, E = 5m, 2016
Course planner: Emil Kacin
Mapper: Daniel Lebar


Slovenian competitors take top10 positions in the unofficial European Cup in Trail-O. We also have one World Champion title from 2007! It's fun also for orienteering runners to calm down some time and try this discipline. Welcome!


WHEREABOUTS - Stages, accommodation, trainings!

Check our Google Map with all the Points of interests for Cerkno Cup 2016!

Entry fees

More details are available in the invitation
BEGINNERS, OPEN - fixed price - 8 EUR/stage
EARLY BIRD (before March 20th) - pay 2€/stage less
NORMAL DEADLINE (before June 15th)
LATE ENTRIES (until July 10th) - pay 2€/stage more
SI card rental - 2€/stage

  • Training

    €5 per training
    • map with course
    • EXPERT
    • no SI
  • Competition Only

    €24 / €30 youth (MW16-) / MW18+
    • Deadline: June 15th
    • +2€/stage for late entries
    • 3 Stages
    • free parking
    • SI time taking
  • Full experience (5 days)

    €40 / €46 MW16-/MW18+
    • Deadline: June 15th
    • 2 trainings
    • 3 stages
    • Trail-O
    • free parking
  • Trail-O only

    €3 / €6 PreN / PreA + PreE
    • free parking


Please use orienteeringonline.net application for the entry!


Camp site and private rooms are at the event centre. Hard floor is a bit more than a 5-min walk away.
Questions? E-mail us.

Hotel Cerkno

Hotel Cerkno is traditional Cerkno Cup partner. There is on average 45 minute drive to the stages, but you can take advantage of the nice sights in the region.

Hard Floor

Hard floor will be at the primary school in Črni Vrh nad Idrijo. We offer no equipment for sleeping. Showers are available. Book via e-mail. Price is €5/person/night.

Camp Site

Camp site is at the competition centre. Price is €8/person/night €10/person/night. Book via e-mail. Nice place, friendly hosts.

Tourist Farm

Pr' Mark tourist farm will be used as competition centre. Book via our e-mail. They offer special prices for Cerkno Cup guests. 2-, 3- and 4-bed rooms are available. Already booked, but something might free up.

Other Sources

There are some other nice places nearby. Check sites from municipality of Idrija, municipality of Cerkno and municipality of Logatec. You can find something nice here.


Not satisfied with the choice? You can try booking.com. Be sure, you check the distances as the area is very hilly.

Passion leads to love, love leads to desire,
desire leads to perfection! Damjan Čelik, first Cerkno Cup race director

Our Team

We are volunteers! We gain from your joy when taking part in our competition and in the fact
that every EUR earned is invested into development of the sport in Slovenia and working with our youth!
There are more than 30 volunteers in our team!

Rok Sušnik

Rok Sušnik


Rok is enjoying orienteering for recreation for quite a while. His military background and long experience in scouting make him an ideal organiser!

Klemen Kenda

Klemen Kenda


Klemen has been involved with developement of orienteering in Slovenia. Currently he is national senior coach and president of the Slovenian O-federation!

Mia Donovan

Igor Bončina


Igor is in love with maps and discovering new suitable terrains for orienteering. He also takes care about Slovenian map registry!


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